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College of the Canyons understands that students need to be nurtured physically, personally and academically. That is why College of the Canyons is dedicated to developing student-athletes on and off the field by offering an array of academic services to help them reach their full potential. 

The transition from high school or transferring from another college can be tough and that is why COC has a wide array of programs to help student-athletes succeed. Athletes can work with the athletic counselor, Albert Loaiza, to create an academic plan that is regularly monitored. COC makes a point to track student-athlete academic progress and works with the student before falling behind in classes. 

To learn more about the steps neccesary to becoming a Cougar student-athlete click here.

All College of the Canyons student-athletes will participate in the following academic services: 

• Student Education Plans 
A 30-minute appointment with the academic counselor planning out classes for the remainder of the student-athletes time at COC. 

• New Student-Athlete Workshop 
Summer classes to help new student-athletes orient themselves with COC. 

• Registration Workshops 
Step-by-step instructions in a classroom setting to help student-athletes register for classes. 

• The Learning Center (TLC) 
A tutoring lab developed to meet the needs of our students. This building is staffed with academic advisors and tutors, as well as computers, printers and other academic resources.  

• Walk-In Appointments 
Have a quick question for the athletic counselor? Student-athletes can drop by the athletic counselor’s office for short conversations. 

• Transitions For Intercollegiate Athletes 
A two-unit class taught by the athletic counselor to help the student-athletes make the transition from high school to college. 

For more information, please contact athletic counselor Albert Loaiza via email or at (661) 362-3611.